Who you bank with matters…

We’re the last generation who can save the planet from climate disaster. The way most other banks use your money is contributing to climate change. Zero is different.

This is Zero.

Your sustainable life

Zero will help you understand which elements of your lifestyle may be contributing to climate change and offer you easy ways to reduce your impact.

Join the movement

Zero is a community whose combined effort will make a big impact on climate change. And you won’t only be helping to save the planet, we're setting aside 20% of the company for you, our community, for free, so that you’ll share in the value of the business we create.

Solving climate change

Zero has a big promise - unlike other banks, your money will never be used for anything that isn't getting the world to net zero as fast as possible.

The best of digital banking

Zero Debit Mastercard® and App with cutting edge features.

No need to pre-fund your account to use Zero.

Zero fee, zero commission spending abroad.

Sea card design
Sea card design
Sea card design
Land Sea Sky

Sea, Land or Sky? The choice is yours!

Our Team

Zero was founded by an experienced team from the world of fintech, banking & sustainability supported by a talented team of people who share our passion.

  • Ben Dixon

    Ben Dixon

  • Ben Jenkins

    Ben Jenkins

    Software Developer
  • Charini Wickramathilaka

    Charini Wickramathilaka

    Data Scientist
  • Charini Wickramathilaka

    Claire Pratt

    MLRO & Compliance Manager
  • David Craven

    David Craven

  • Kate Hodge

    Kate Hodge

    Head of Product
  • Lisa Stanley

    Lisa Stanley

    Chief Sustainability Officer
  • Lucy Burgess

    Lucy Burgess

    People Business Partner
  • Martin Hall

    Martin Hall

  • Matt Hunt

    Matt Hunt

    Principal Software Developer
  • Mike Lazell

    Mike Lazell

    Senior Software Developer
  • Oliver Jefford

    Oliver Jefford

    Software Developer
  • Richard Theo

    Richard Theo